Murphy Bed

Custom Built Murphy Bed

Do you have a room you like to use as an office but still need a space for guests from time to time, then a custom-built Murphy bed is your solution. You will enjoy all the fantastic benefits that come with this Bed. It has also been called a “fold away bed” or “wall bed.” This type of sleeping space folds into the wall when not in use and allows for extra space and organization all in one room.

Chattanooga Closet Custom Murphy Beds
Closet Custom Wall Beds Chattanooga

We are always working with clients to provide a unique setup of Murphy Bed. Our customers have various options to select from when it comes to customizing Murphy Beds. Options include choosing their style, wood, cabinets, finish, size, and any of these additional options. All orders are built to our customer’s specifications. Thus custom size heights, widths, and cabinet configurations to fit the customer’s space.

At Creekside Closet, we consider your space, style, as well your budget when we customize a design for you. We have a wide range of quality options. Therefore we can satisfy each of your needs for their wall bed.

System Murphy Beds Closet Chattanooga

Below, are the great reasons why you will need custom-built Murphy bed

  • You will save space, without a doubt, the top reason to use a Wall Bed, is to save space. These beds folded up vertically, and they can free up a great deal of floor which you can utilize for other purposes. Whether you have got a small loft or just like open spaces, these are great additions to any house.
  • Blend with Décor, Far from being dull, utilitarian looking devices, Murphy wall beds come in a stunning array of styles and designs. You are bound to find something that blends seamlessly with your existing decor.
  • You can create two rooms in one, when space is at a premium, being able to use one room for two purposes can be a major benefit. With wall beds, you can use a room as a bedroom by night and as a living room by day. In essence, you have two or more rooms for the price of one.

We have sales associates who are well trained to work with you in turning your vision into a reality. In the presence of proper communication between our sales team and the client, Murphy Beds, will be whatever you need them to be. If you can imagine it, our team can create it — everything from hidden gun cases to custom Libraries.

At Creekside Closets Company, our focus is on providing you an excellent night's sleep and the peace of mind that you need. We will help you to customize your perfect product and have the experience you desire.

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