Custom-built mudroom

Designing your dream home is both exciting and a little scary. What if you forget some important details that you will regret down the road? If you think this requires a particular eye for detail and style, then no need to worry, Creekside Closet has your back! We do not just build all types of custom closet systems, but also murphy beds, pantry storage and organization, and mudrooms!

Custom biult mudroom
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Mud room

What is a mudroom?

Generally speaking, it is a space that separates your clean home from elements of the outside world. It is either a whole room or a designated area in the entryway. It usually separates the attached garage and your home or one of the entryways and kitchen. If you don’t have an entire room designated to be mudroom when the house was built, it is not too late to create space for one. Our closet company designers are not only talented but also experienced. We will evaluate your current housing configuration and help you find where to put that desirable custom closet system. A well-designed mudroom will help you keep your house clean and organized.

Make your life more manageable now, and make more when you sell

Does a well-organized mudroom increase your house value? It does, especially when it has well- thought out storage space. What does it have to have to be appealing and useful? First of all, lots of hooks and racks to hang and organize all of your coats, hats, scarves. You can use hooks to air out wet coats after a rain as well as wet umbrellas. Hooks are also handy to organize pet leashes and handbags. Second, a built-in bench with shoe storage is a must. Having a “home” for your dirty shoes will keep dust and mud from entering your home and will make cleaning so much easier. Especially if you have sports players with dirty uniforms, outdoor lovers with muddy boots, and pets in your household. An excellent closet company will also build custom-made cubbies or lockers to designate each family member’s belongings for easy storage and access. Having a personal space to organize sports equipment, backpacks, and outer clothes will save you a ton of time every day. And here is another bonus! When it comes time to sell that property, custom closets and organization systems will virtually pay for themselves.

Call us today for a consultation

At Creekside Closet, we only use quality materials that are often locally sourced. We like to support local producers as well as save you money and time for shipping costs. We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. You won’t be disappointed in our closet company no matter your taste and budget. Some people think that anything custom made is super expensive. That is not always the case. Custom-made closet systems do not have to break your bank! Call Creekside Closet today for a consultation with one of our skilled designers. Tell us about your space, lifestyle, and taste, what you wish to have in your mudroom or house and we will be happy to assist you!

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