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Here at Creekside Closet, we believe that every room needs proper storage. And, the laundry room is no exception. They are filled with lots of bottles, brushes, and various things to keep organized for laundry day. We offer custom closets that will help contain all of that in one convenient location and allow you to be better organized. Our designs will take into account every feature you are looking for. And, we will build your laundry closet to your specifications.
A laundry closet should have beautiful shelves that will allow you to have easy access to the various soaps needed to clean your clothing. You may also want a bar and perhaps a foldable table that you can use to fold the clothing. We can build your laundry closet around the washer and drying and have the shelves either open, for easy to grab storage, or we can put on custom doors.
Whether you are looking for an elaborate design or just something simple that will look nice in your space, you have found the right place! We at Creekside closet believe in building to our customer's specifications and needs. Not sure what you want as a custom closet design? That's okay! We have done lots of designs and can help you with this.
We are not like every other closet company out there. Creekside Closet believes in quality and customer service. Our goal is to keep you informed of your project every step of the way. We love to see the ideas you have found that you love in a laundry closet, and we work to incorporate different design ideas into your laundry room. If you should have any questions, give us a call, we are here to help.

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Custom Designed Laundry Room

Is your laundry area a mess and a bit overwhelming? Give us a call! Let us provide you with some excellent custom closet ideas. We can make a custom closet design that is perfect for your lifestyle and help you get organized. We want to make your laundry room your favorite room in the house!

Short on storage? Some homes are just short of storage. For example, there is not a proper place for back up linens should you have company. But with a custom design, we can incorporate that into your design. There could be floor to ceiling shelving, with or without doors. This allows you to stow away things that you don’t regularly need, such as holiday decorations or guest linen. When you need these things, they are easy to find and always kept clean!

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As a closet company, we have seen a lot of laundry room configurations. We are sure that we can make up a custom closet design that is just perfect. A laundry closet can pull together the room and make it seem warm and inviting and not daunting. If you are looking to clean up your laundry and get your life back into a somewhat organized order, give us a call. We are here to help you design and build your customer closet design for your laundry room today!

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At Creekside Closet, we only use quality materials that are often locally sourced. We like to support local producers as well as save you money and time for shipping costs. We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. You won’t be disappointed in our closet company no matter your taste and budget. Some people think that anything custom made is super expensive. That is not always the case. Custom-made closet systems do not have to break your bank! Call Creekside Closet today for a consultation with one of our skilled designers. Tell us about your space, lifestyle, and taste, what you wish to have in your mudroom or house and we will be happy to assist you!

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