Pantry Closet

A valuable upgrade to any home is a well-designed custom built pantry. For over 20 years, Creekside Closet has established a solid reputation with our clients for designing and installing state of the art custom closet solutions.

Custom Designed Pantry

Our star shines just as brightly in our design of custom built pantry space. Our customers have total involvement during the consultation and design phase of their pantry reorganization project. Perhaps not thought about as often as closet space, efficient pantry design can transform a kitchen from clutter into a streamlined work area. It can also increase the resale value of your home. New pantry space can come from many unlikely sources. A small corridor closet serving as no more than a catch-all can be repurposed for storage of bulk items or open space in a laundry room or mudroom.

In older homes, construction may have created unintentional angular spaces. Because of their vast experience in custom closet design, our talented design team will readily recognize the potential of these spaces and retrofit them for a wide variety of storage functions. Usable space under a stairway is a goldmine of storage available and can accommodate an abundance of items with the correct shelving configuration.

Custom Pantry Closet

A well-designed custom pantry can double the number of kitchen items being stored. We can design positions taller shelves high up for storage of larger items— lightweight supplies such as paper towels and cereal boxes. Items used daily in cooking could be organized to within arm’s reach of the range. Pull out shelves and drawers continue to be perfected with standard features such as ball bearing slides and soft close. Pull out wire baskets allow air circulation around root crops to reduce moisture.

Your new custom pantry provides storage for more than just food. Cleaning supplies can be rearranged for maximum ergonomic benefit. Bending to reach under the sink or overhead can be minimized. A small kitchen cart on wheels can roll correctly into a customized space, and you’ll wonder why this wasn’t done before. Small kitchen appliances can be part of this efficiency sweep.

Ask your pantry consultant to design a custom space that precisely fits the dimensions of a microwave or coffee pot that is occupying excessive counter space. Cleared countertops result in a sleeker, more spacious appearing kitchen. Countertops become easier to maintain. Soft, recessed lighting adds a modern ambiance to your new pantry space. Existing windows can be masterfully incorporated for natural light.

There are many benefits in choosing Creekside Closet for your pantry reorganization project. Since we use locally-sourced building materials, there are no shipping costs or delays. Our expert installation team respects your home and can complete your project with minimum interruption. Please contact Creekside Closet today to begin your consultation.

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